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Barnes & Hogan 是一个收买房地产和投资专家的公司, 也方便帮助任何想要在英国买房地产, 开公司或者是移居的人.

我们的工作大多数专著在伦敦最优良的地区还有英国的东南部例如 Surrey 和 Berkshire.



我们的服务包括私人还有商业, 而且专著在以下所列:

  • 寻找和收买私人房地产
  • 发展房地产还有室内设计
  • 房地产的投资和管理
  • 给予银行手续,法律和关于税还有移民等等的建议和帮助
  • 协助在英国开发商业或再布置
  • 提供高级社交和专业联系活动的服务



Barnes & Hogan is a property acquisition and investment specialist firm and a one-stop-shop for anyone who is looking to acquire properties, set up a business or relocate their families to the UK.

Our work is focused on London prime locations and the most sought-after counties like Surrey and Berkshire.

Our truly international team consists of professionals specialising in real estate, finance, law, tax, construction and interior design. Their expertise is available to you upon getting registered as a client of the firm.

You may choose one type of service or a combination of services which will be priced competitively to reflect your individual circumstances.

We provide services both to private individuals and businesses in the following main areas:

  • Property search and acquisition for personal use
  • Property development and interior design for personal use and for speculative purposes
  • Property acquisition for investment purposes and investment management
  • Assistance with banking services, legal and tax advice and immigration
  • Assistance with setting up businesses and relocation to UK
  • High-end concierge service for social events and professional networking