Barnes & Hogan offers a specialist service for sourcing property development opportunities for private investors and residential buyers looking to take advantage of the current market conditions for property investment within the United Kingdom.

We will provide you with access to our database of properties suitable for redevelopment and sites for new construction, as well as those already partially built. We will further assist you with enquiries relating to planning permissions where needed. We are able to do so efficiently and discreetly due to our knowledge of the areas in which we specialise and by monitoring daily the news and updates from the public sources.

Barnes & Hogan Developments

We are fully aware of the individual developers' needs and the precise requirements of the specialist lenders and, as a result, are in position to facilitate joint-venture partnerships both on our own account and on behalf of our clients. We work closely with architects, construction companies and interior designers to deliver solutions for speculative property investors, and the end users willing to create an ideal home which would reflect their personal tastes and family circumstances.

For more information please email us: or speak to our advisors on: +44 (0) 207 514 5215.